Sunday, 29 December 2013

A Walk With Jet In Irby Dale.

Another beautiful day today.  It began at silly o'clock when we were up and away by 3.00 am to take daughter Beth to East Midlands Airport for her flight to Malaga, the first leg of her journey back to her current home in Seville.  As we neared the airport still on the, unusually quiet, M1, we saw the crescent moon rise on the eastern horizon; a magnificent site.  On the way home Thomas and I were rewarded with a magnificent sunrise.  The sky exploded with colour before the sun appeared and then it fizzled out, but amazing while it lasted and it enlivened the journey home.  Later in the day I dropped Heather off at her cousin's for a cup of tea, picking Jet up ate the same time to take him for the long walk at Irby Dale.  Another beautiful day and, although an uninteresting blue sky, always opportunities for photography.  As we walked through the eastern end of the valley it was a delight to watch a large flock of jackdaws performing aerobatics above the wood, while shortly afterwards the wild mewing of a buzzard made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.  What a wonderful sound as it echoed across the still, quiet countryside.  Towards the end of the walk a mixed flock of tits flitted through the hedgerow in front of me with a wren flowing them lower down in the undergrowth.  Yet another wonderful day.

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