Monday, 10 November 2014

Atlantic Grey Seals at Donna Nook, Linconshire Coast.

I made my annual trip to see the Atlantic grey seals at Donna Nook nature reserve on the Lincolnshire coast today.  Living so close it's an easy trip but it is to be recommended to anyone interested in wildlife; it is one the best wildlife spectacles this country has to offer.  Donna Nook is home to around 3000 grey seals and in November and December they come ashore onto the beach and dunes to pup and mate.  Around 1000 pups are born each year and this year the first one arrived on October 25th.  On 8th November there were 218 pups, 427 cows and 278 bulls. As well as the seals it was good to see large flocks of brent geese and impressive wader flocks feeding out on the beach and mudflats, every so often rising and whirling like smoke before settling back down to feed.

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