Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Winter Wainwright Challenge Day 2: The Greater Fairfield Horseshoe.

Different weather today.  Gone was the wind to leave us with low cloud.  The itinerary today was the Greater Fairfield Hoseshoe; the basic horseshoe with a diversion to pick up the insignificant top of Stone Arthur, perched above Grasmere.  Insignificant, but a Wainwright nonetheless.  Once we had bagged this it was on up to Great Rigg and into the cloud which continued until lower down on the far side of the horseshoe.  Visibility on the summit of Farifield itself was very poor and with the pristine white snow, it was difficult to tell where ground finished and cloud began and, with the edge being corniced, navigation needed to be spot on.  We continued from the summit, up and down over, first, Hart Crag and then Dove Crag before dropping down to High Pike and then, finally out of the cloud , to Low Pike.   From here we dropped steeply towards Ambleside, but turned off to return to our starting point of Rydal Mount through the grounds of Rydal Hall.
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