Saturday, 14 April 2018

Andalucia, April 2018. Day 5

What a perfect day.  The weather finally cam up trumps and was warm and sunny with cloudless skies for most of the day.  We were up early and out into town for a wonderful breakfast of tostada at only 7 euros 60 before heading off to explore the town.  We began at the Puente Nuevo where we had left off the night before with its mind boggling drop into the gorge, know affectionately and rather 'rudely' as the balcon del coño.  
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Not only were the views from here spectacular, it was also a great spot for birds with choughs wheeling above the gorge and calling cheerfully, crag martins swooping from their mud cup nests my first swallows and swifts of the year and lesser kestrel.  We wandered along the balcony from here towards the bull ring.  views over to the mountains were expansive.  On the other side of the bridge were views to snow-capped mountains and more views of the bridge and gorge.

From the bridge we wandered into the old town with its narrow winding streets and enjoyed a beer in the sun in the main square.

Studying the map we realized that we could walk from the square down and round into the gorge below the Puente Nuevo.  At first we walked along a quiet road and then turned off onto a cobbled track before scrambling up a footpath to a viewing platform in the depths of the gorge below the bridge.  Flowers were plentiful: vetches, saxifrages, irises and, perhaps, a type of marigold with creamy white petals with  deeper yellow centres and bright gold internal parts.

We climbed back up to the old town where we enjoyed lunch of tomato sald, croquettes and tuna.  Fantastic views but also our most expensive meal - not surprising being in the tourist heart of the city.  There was, however, a high class of busker.  We parted company here for a while, me to pay a quick visit to the bull ring, the oldest in Spain, while Heather and Beth explored to shops.

All too soon it was time to leave and head back to Seville.  We drove through the mountains (we saw them this time), stopping outside Zahara for some photographs of the village in the sun and excellent views of griffon vultures.

This has been an excellent couple of days and we shall definitely be back to explore the pueblos blancos and to walk in the hills.

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