Friday, 27 September 2019

Green Woodpecker in Scartho Cemetery

Scartho Cemetery is one of my regular locations for walking and more recently running; well jogging to be fair and very slowly at that.  I have quite often recently heard the yaffle of a green 'pecker on my visits but never managed to spot one until this week when I have seen two - or one twice.  Once while running and today while walking.  This is exciting as we never used to see greens in our area.  I have also heard one once or twice at Scallows where I have my winter feeding station and hear them regularly on our walks through Irby Woods.  In Lincolnshire I have only seen them further south and west on the heathy lands of the Lincolnshire Coversands; in fact growing up in Woodhall Spa it was the only woodpecker I had seen until I went to college in Sheffield and began birdwatching there.
The attached photos are of a bedraggled juvenile bird that I took at few years ago at Old Moor RSPB reserve.

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