Friday, 28 August 2020

A Wet Walk around the Horsefield and Deadwood

 A cool grey and breezy day today.  Only 14C with a 17mph wind from the north east increasing later to gusts of 40mph.  Yet another incredibly windy day.  It was wet underfoot and undergrowth everywhere was saturated.  Red Bartsia is now plentiful on the Horsefield and it looks like one of the best years recently for hedgerow fruits.  Blackberries are swollen, ripe and juicy, haws are thick on the hawthorn bushes and the pear tree in the derelict garden of the old Peaks Tunnel Farm is laden with pears; in the spring it was thick with blossom.  Sloes are more plentiful than I have seen.  Blackberries and elderberries have been picked ready for making hedgerow jam, but I am leaving to sloes to ripen and become more sweet before picking for this year's sloe gin.  It is interesting to see that young ash trees are marching out into the Horsefield; soon there will be the beginning of a young ash wood.

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