Sunday, 25 October 2020

Ruby Anniversary Walk Along the Viking Way

 It being our ruby wedding anniversary we decided to have a latish afternoon walk as we had no meal to cook; we were having a celebratory Ruby Murry.  We picked Jet up and were soon parking up at Walesby village hall.  We were surprised that the car park was full and we only just squeezed in and later that there were so many people out walking.  We saw more people in 3 miles of walking today that we did on the whole of the viking way.  It was pleasant weather , a Sunday and the beginning of half term, but, even so, it was amazingly busy.  We could only assume that as we are slipping into lockdown once more, people are walking locally rather than travelling out of the area.

We had a lovely walk and the views from the top of the scarp slope at Risby were excellent.  We continued as far as Castle Farm where I took some photos.  It doesn't seem long since this unusual house was occupied, but it now lies derelict.  A few years ago it was for sale but presumably there were no buyers.

We turned around at this juncture and stopped for lunch and hot chocolate when we reached the bench above Risby.  We had excellent views of a red kite being harassed by a crow from here.  A friend saw another two today in a different part of the wolds.  It would be good to see them breeding in Lincolnshire.  From Risby we made our walk into a round route by dropping down off the ridge and returning to Walesby via the lane.

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Lincolnshire sunken lane up to The Ramblers Church
Walesby Ramblers Church

Walesby Ramblers Church
Castle Farm

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