Sunday, 22 November 2020

A Return to the Viking Way

 Now I had declared my back recovered it was time to test out the pacemaker on the hills along the Viking Way from Walesby.  We had walked here just before the operation so that I could use this hilly walk as a benchmark for any improvement once fully turbocharged.  I'm delighted to be able to report that all went well and, unlike the previous occasion I cruised round with hardly any breathless or aching legs.  Fingers crossed.  As usual we parked in Walesby and walked up to the church.  From here along the undulating path to Risbly and its flock of Lincolnshire longwool sheep (featured on BBC's Countryfile on 22nd November) as far as the dramatic Castle Farm before returning to the seat just above the sheep where we enjoyed a comforting flask of hot chocolate with expansive views across to the Lincoln Edge and the magnificent cathedral set high above the city itself.  Amazing to think that we were looking across to the Viking way  20 miles to the west from the Viking Way.  We dropped down to the lane to return to Walesby in order to make it a round walk.

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Walesby Ramblers Church
Trees above Risby
Castle Farm

Field Pond Risby

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