Saturday, 20 February 2021

My First Stonechat on the Horsefield

 A fellow birder alerted me to the fact that there was a stonechat on the Horsefield, so this morning I set out to try to find it.  It was a very mild morning and while I was out if came quite bright for a brief spell.  On the way across the hedge was full of the usual sparrows and flocks of chaffinches, yellowhammer and reed bunting and another of all goldfinches.  On the Horsefield I found the stonechat straight away and what a perky confiding bird it was.  I was delighted as it is my first stonechat on the patch.

After securing some photos I went for a walk around the rest of the site, picking up a fox skull for my collection at home.  Back at the stonechat, it performed yet again, allowing for more photography and, while I was stalking it, I flushed a woodcock from the long grass.  I am not sure which was more alarmed; the bird or me.

I was also pleased to see (and hear) three singing skylarks, spring is definitely on the way.  Bullfinches were also in the hedge but not showing well enough for photography, sadly and it was a delight to hear a song thrush singing its twice over song.

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