Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Seville, Day 6: The Alcazar and Flamenco.

Up and away a bit earlier this morning and walked to the Alcazar expecting a queue but there wasn't one at all.  We had been looking forward to revisiting the Alcazar on two counts: one photographically as the last time I only had a very early digital camera and the images were poor and one on the weather front; on our previous visit it was pouring with rain and we didn't even get into the gardens.  It has to be said the Alcazar is fabulous with its wonderful tiles and amazing Moorish plaster/stucco work.  Courtyards and gardens are cool and restful and everywhere is the sound of running water, with the scent of orange blossom.

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For lunch we met Beth and Hannah at a well known restaurant, Coloniales, close to the cathedral for yet more tapas.  It was excellent though and I shall be a long while tiring of this delicious food.  Beth and Hannah had to go off to work so Heather and I spent the afternoon relaxing in the sun and then in the apartment until Beth was home from work.  She then took us back to the Barrio Santa Cruz to a local flamenco bar that she goes to with free entry.  This was quirky and good.  The tourist ones would perhaps be slicker and more colourful but 'for the tourists', this was authentic.

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