Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Early Purple Orchids at Roxton.

The sun began to poke through the pall of clouds and the heavy scent of oil-seed rape filled the air as I settled down to photograph early purple orchids in Roxton Woods this afternoon.  It had been a grey cool start to the day, but gradually temperatures climbed and I had sat in front of the computer, working, for long enough.  I had to do some food shopping anyway, so decided to go via Roxton Woods, near Keelby in Lincolnshire.  I was fairly sure that the orchids would be there and in prime condition, which they were, but my heart was in my mouth when I arrived as some serious tree felling had taken place.  I needed have worried, however, as there they were in the same spot I found then over 40 years ago.  I think of that as a success for nature.  I moved to Immingham as a young teacher without transport in 1972 and used to walk out to Roxton Woods birdwatching and found them then; how wonderful they are still there.

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