Friday, 29 May 2015

SCotland 2015. Day 22, Calgary Bay

What a day; they get better.  The weather forecast was for heavy showers again, and there were a few and the were heavy, but overall it was a day of brilliant light culminating with a dramatic, moody sunset.  The plan for today was a round trip to Calgary Bay via Loch na Keal with Dervaig and Salen on the way home.  The first stop was the sea eagle nest site at Loch na Keal for more wonderful views of these magnificent birds.  Too distant for decent photography but it was brilliant top see both birds return to the nest with fish and to watch the way they shrugged off mobbing by hooded crows.  From here we continued along the coast road past Ulva Ferry with the most dramatic views of coast and island scenery: the Treshneish Island with Col and Tiree beyond.  The light was fabulous and to watch squalls blowing in and clearing was stunning.  Calgary Bay itself was the perfect white shell sand beach backed by machair and we enjoyed the cafe, gallery and sculpture trail.  A special treat was the narrow leaved helleborines we found here and the butterwort in flower on the coast path.  Arriving back at the site it was a tasy but simple tea of ravioli with a tomato sauce and then it was time to get out for the sunset; more about the views away from the sun than towards it: huge billowing storm clouds coloured pink by the setting sun.

What a day; there is only one way to complete it: a glass of malt and anticipation for the sea eagle boat trip tomorrow.

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