Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Scotland 2015. Day 26 Massed Bluebells Above Loch Lomond.

It's been a somewhat bitty day today, partly because of the constant rain and partly as we have been packing and cleaning and reorganising the van and car ready for the long haul home on Thursday.  The weather last night was horrendous: a tree blown down and a couple in a tent nearby which was demolished and left them sheltering in their car during the night.  They threw the tent away this morning.  Eventually, later this afternoon, we ventured out for a local walk through delightful woodlands and walk up the hillside which is a spectacular sight as it is a mass of bluebells with magnificent views over the loch.  There is always something special about woods in the wet, especially when the sun puts in an appearance.

A Rennie-Mackintosh day in Glasgow tomorrow for our final day of this trip.

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