Monday, 21 September 2015

A Ten Mile Circular in the Lincolnshire Wolds from Binbrook.

Last Saturday was Jet Walk day and despite having to set to to reboil the hedgerow jam I had made the day before because it refused to set, we decided to do a long one and take a late picnic lunch.  Our starting point was Binbrook in the Lincolnshire Wolds and as we walked up the hill, south out of the village up a lane bordered by dry grasses and the attractive seed heads of scabious and knapweeds we had excellent views back down to the church and across the valley to the old airfield. Most recently home to the lightning and a second world war bomber base, it was also used to film Memphis Belle.  Once we had made our way up on to the top of the Wolds we stopped for lunch at a conveniently placed bench by an information board.  While we relaxed in the sun several people competing in the annual 'Harvest Hobble' came passed us. At one point our route took us by a string of fishing ponds; two or three for trout and a course pond stocked with carp, tench and bream.  I have to say if anything could tempt me back to fishing it would be these ponds; trout were cruising up and down like whales and were being caught what's more.  We also saw someone catch a fine common carp in the course pond.  Dragonflies were plentiful here, the most common being migrant hawkers with common darters on the wing as well.  Late season brimstone and speckled wood butterflies were also to be seen.  The badger sett here is very large and also showing signs of great activity, which was good to note.  As we continued down the valley we could hear a buzzard mewing in the distance and the flower of the day was a good crop of field pansy.  At Kirmond le Mire it was sad to see that the old farmhouse and many of the outbuildings were standing derelict and deserted.  What a shame.  At one time this was a large and attractive house but presumably it was just too large and expensive to maintain.  The old buildings have an attraction of their own and made for pleasing photographic subjects.  Jet was game to the end; a mere 10 mile walk was nothing to him.  I have to say, though, I was well ready to stop.

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