Friday, 23 October 2015

Autumn Colours in the Lincolnshire Wolds

Having just returned from a successful trip to The Lakes, I was still enjoying our wonderful Autumn this year.  All trees are looking at their best, but I am particularly noticing ash trees this year.  Often these trees stubbornly stay green and then suddenly when we have a couple of windy days, they will drop all of their leaves without any colour change.  This year, though, conditions have been perfect and ashes have turned a brilliant lemon yellow and we noticed one in particular at Glenridding in the Lakes.  With this in mind I set out to check up on a particular tree that I had photographed during all four seasons a couple of years ago.  It can be seen on the road between Swallow and Cabourne on the Grimsby to Lincoln road.  I was in luck.  Although not as colourful as that ash tree in Glenridding, it was turning a lovely yellow and looked magnificent in the sun.  It is to be hoped that ash die back disease isn't as devastating as feared as without these stately trees the whole landscape of the Lincolnshire Wolds would be dramatically altered.  From here I drove over to Scallows Hall to see how the colours were developing there and was suprised to see that much of the wood was still green.  I did enjoy playing with some long exposure shots though and was delighted to see and hear the resident buzzards.

The next day I enjoyed a day cycling in the Wolds with my regular cycling friend Brian.  We met up at Beelsby and then followed one of our regular routes to arrive in Rothwell to meet the ladies for lunch.  The colours on the way down the hill into the village were spectacular.  As always the climb out of Rothwell after lunch seemed much harder than it actually is; I'm sure it's nothing to do with the couple of pints and lunch!

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