Saturday, 1 December 2018

Lake District, November 2018. Day 3.

Thomas spent the night with us last night so that we could go to the Kendal Mountain Festival together, something that had appealed to me for years.  I was delighted first thing to be able to watch a pair of goldcrests feeding in the silver birch trees outside the caravan amongst the foraging tits.  Again we were away fairly early so that we could book tickets for any talks we wanted to see.  It was fascinating to spend time soaking up the atmosphere.  While Heather went and explored the shops in Kendal, Thomas and I went to an illustrated lecture on Alpinism in the Great Ranges, introduced by long time hero Stephen Venables who began proceedings by talking about his Himalayan exploits in the 1970s - 1990s.  He then introduced climbers Tom Livingstone, Chantel Astorga from Alaska, Rick Allen and Nick Bullock.  I was mighily impressed by Allen who at 65 had already this year climbed Annapruna 1 and been rescued off Broad Peak.  There is hope for the rest of us yet!!!
On our return we had a cup of tea and then wandered over to our favourite oak tree in the last of the light.

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