Friday, 7 February 2020

A Yorkshire Day Out

Not having been to see the snowdrops at Burton Agnes for a few years a visit was overdue.  On arrival it was time for coffee and cake before investigation the snowdrop walk.  As usual there were swathes of plants all in the peak of condition.  It was a joy to walk amongst them  and I enjoyed photographing both wide views and closeups.

After a cup of tea we decided to continue on to Bempton Cliffs RSPB reserve.  I was not expecting many birds but felt that a walk along the cliffs would be invigorating nonetheless.  How wrong I was!  The cliffs were a hive of activity. Plenty of gannets were cruising along the edge of the cliffs and out at sea and substantial numbers were settled on the vertiginous cliffs along with hundreds of guillemots that had already returned from their winter sojourn at sea.  There were a few razorbills and puffins have yet to return.  Kittiwakes were present in good numbers and fulmars were plentiful performing their usual trick of flying out from the cliff and quickly back again, making them challenging to photograph.
It was cold on the cliff top so we headed over to Flamborough thinking of our evening meal.  As we were rather early for our booking we drove to North Landing for a while before enjoying an excellent meal at The Seabirds Bar and Restaurant.

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