Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Rare Black-Throated Thrush in Grimsby.

Last Friday,31st January,  I became aware that a very rare black-throated thrush had been seen on grass area in front of the Grimsby Institute.  I heard that it was still there on Saturday and Sunday, but I was unable to get there despite it only being 10 minutes walk away.  However, late on Monday morning I was able to join the other birders there and delighted to find that it was still around.  It didn't seem at all phased by being by the side of a busy road with a constant passage of studens going to and fro, never mind a dozen birders aremed with binoculars, telescopes and cameras.  While I was there it happily divided its time between roosting in a tree and feeding on the ground and I am pleased to say I managed to get some acceptable images.

Black-Throated Thrush is a rare visitor to our shores and is a first record for Lincolnshire.  It is the size and shape of our blackbird or thrush with plain brownish-grey upperparts with pale belly and black throat.  This bird is a first winter male and so not quite so clearly marked, but a lovely bird nonetheless.  It breeds in Siberian taiga and very occasionally strays into Western Europe, especially in late autumn and winter.

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