Thursday, 5 March 2020

Lancashire Day 4

Sadly this was to be our last day, but as usual we were unable to drag ourselves away so we opted for for a walk over the fields and down to the junction of the Lancaster Canal and the branch that leads to Glasson Dock.  We were fascinated to see the first section ogf the Glasson branch drained of water.  Someone had got something stuck in the headlock gate paddle and this had allowed all of the water to drain out.  The paddle was soon repaired and the canal refilled.  We walked as far as the Mill at Condor Green where we had lunch before walking back and setting off home.  We completed our break with afternoon tea at Betty's in Ilkley - very nice.
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Lancaster Canal Junction

Lancaster Canal

Glasson Dock Bracnch

Glasson Dock Bracnch

Canal Junction

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