Friday, 27 March 2020

Thursday, Over to the Dead Wood

Our morning walk yesterday began with frustration as the cemetery gates were locked and it would appear that they will only be open from now 12.00 - 6.00.  Undaunted we set off in the warm sunshine to access the Horsefield via our usual 'informal' route on Edge Avenue.  Our route today took us behind the school field and round the edge of the Horsefield and then over Peake's Tunnel continuing over the fields to the Dead Wood (officially Car Plantation).  Here we sat on a fallen tree for a flask of coffee enjoying the sight of the white dog violets at our feet.  On our walk across we had seen small tortoiseshells and peacocks aplenty along with a murder of crows and magpies.  Chaffinches were singing in the hedge and on approaching Carr Plantation and during our walk around it we heard the strident yaffle of a green woodpecker.  I have run many miles around here over the years as it used to form part of the course for the Grimsby and District Cross Country Championships and during the Harriers summer club runs we used to return this way to the stadium.  A buzzard called as it soared over the wood and King Alfred's Cakes a hard black tree fungus once used for kindling dotted some of the ash trees.  We also stood under a tree with a great spotted woodpecker drumming loudly above us bur we were unable to spot it.  I was delighted as we returned across the Horsefield to spot a skylark parachuting back down to the ground.  I also looked for and found the comma from yesterday.
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The Dead Wood

The Dead Wood.  I have run many miles along these woodland paths.

White Dog Violet

White Dog Violet


  1. We are enjoying walking here too. So lucky to have it nearby.

    1. Aren't we just. Have heard reports of a wheatear at Peake's Tunnel this morning. Will get over there later.