Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Starling Murmuration at Wolla Bank.

Unable to get to Leighton Moss for the starling murmuration there, because of Covid, we opted to try on the Lincolnshire coast at Wolla Bank just north of Chapel St. Leonards.  The day before Lockdown 3 was instigated we headed south after lunch arriving at Wolla Bank about 2.30.  We pottered down onto the beach for some photography for a while and then returned to the car for some hot chocolate.  By 3.00 pm the sun was beginning to sink and the sky was colouring nicely.  Apart from a marsh harrier which headed our way and came very close there was not much other activity.  We walked south through the dunes on the England Coastal path Nationa Trail until we found an elevated spot with good views.  We then settled down to wait for a while enjoying the slide show of colour change as sunset approached.  We had just about given up and began to head back towards the car when we suddenly noticed a small group of starlings fly past us heading south, then another and then another.  Looking towards Chapel we realised thaty a mumruration was building up.  It wasn't huge but there were several hudred birds wheeling in the sky against the sunset tinged sky.  We enjoyed the spectacle for 15 mins or so and then in unison they dived down into the reeds and it was all over.  What a fabulous evening though.  Returning to the car we headed back to Grimsby expecting to find road blocks out.

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