Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Walking from Rothwell

 We met up with friends Brian and Heather in the Lincolnshire Wolds village of Rothwell and parked up at the Blacksmith's Arms where, precovid we would have had our lunch.  Our walk took us up the short hill to the church and then into a valley that climbed up to Rothwell Top Farm and then Caistor High Street an old Roman Road along the top of the Wolds.  That wasn't our destination, however, as we turned off up a side valley that led to Hills Brough Farm.  This a very attractive dry valley which isn't under the plough and is a rare example of chalk downland.  As we made our way along the large hawthorn hedge we disturbed a large raptor.  Expecting it to be a buzzard we were delighted to identify it as a red kite.  Further along the hedge we came across a large flock of fieldfares, my first of the winter.  At the end of the walk, as we drove up the hill out of the village towards Cuxwold we had more excellent views of the kite.  Either the same on or, perhaps a different on as friends had watch two here a week or so ago.

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