Friday, 10 January 2014

The Night Sky.

Inspired by Stargazing live on BBC2 and a good prediction, I decided to go out into the Lincolnshire Wolds Aurora hunting last night.  I had no luck so tried a couple of star shots.  From previous experience and research I knew that 30 seconds at f4 with my 10-22 lens set at 10mm and an ISO of 800 would give acceptable results.  I plced the camera on a very sturdy tripod and hung a heavy camera back from it to decrease the risk of camera movement.  I used a 2 sec self timer.  Apart form all this technical info, it was a stunning night (12.00 - 1.00 am).  I expected there to be less light pollution than the was out in the Wolds; it's amazing how a 30 sec exposure captures a glow even when there appears to be none.  It is possible to get rid of this by decreasing the colour temperature but I don't dislike the effect.

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The car with The Plough above and lights of Grimsby.
Jupiter top left with Orion.

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