Friday, 24 January 2014

Waiting for the Kingfisher.

As the weather today unexpectedly turned clear and sunny, although cold, I decided to pay another visit to Cleethorpes Country Park to try for the kingfisher, this time complete with camera gear.  The plan was to settle down set up for the prepared perch where I knew it frequented; I even took a chair to make things more comfortable.  There were other birdwatchers and photographers about though and I made the fatal error of chasing the bird when it was seen in the channel round the nearby island.  True to form when I left my spot that was where it settled and I missed it this way not once, but three times.  I shan't make the same mistake next time I go!!  I did manage some distant shots though.

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While waiting for the kingfisher the black-throated diver and goosander both came very close and allowed for photography.  The goosander is a fabulous bird, but, although very special, the diver is in winter plumage and a pale imitation of the same bird in full breeding colours.  Wouldn't it be nice if stayed long enough but by then it will have headed back north.  It was interesting to see that the black-headed gulls were beginning to moult into their breeding plumage.
Black-throated Diver.
Black-headed Gull, winter plumage
Black-headed Gull, developing summer plumage
Black-Throated Diver.

All images taken with Canon 7D and 500mm +1.4 converter.

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