Monday, 27 January 2014

Walking The Derwent Watershed from Langsett Reservoir.

On Monday 27th January I had arranged to meet up with my brother and two of our children (not quite children now!!) for some hill walking.  We parked by Langsett Reservoir on the outskirts of Sheffield on a cold morning with a not wonderful forecast.  Actually the weather turned out much better than we could have hoped with a cloud base well above the tops, no rain and even a glimmer of sun at times.  We even had a sprinkling of snow on the tops.  Setting out from the car park, we followed the valley of the Little Don or Porter which runs into the reservoirs.  This is a superb valley with flat, grassy bottom, wonderful Scots pine trees and steep sides.  We could have been in the Cairngorms.  It would make a splendid spot for a wild camp.  Eventually we reached the point where the main path crossed the river, where we stopped for some lunch.  From here we girded our loins and climbed up to the watershed with excellent views to the Woodhead pass and Bleaklow in the north and west; Whin Hill, Losehill and Mam Tor in the South with the Derwent Reservoirs in the valley bottom and the outskirts of Sheffield to the east.  We were on top of the world and felt it.  The going was reasonable as the ground was slightly frozen with a sprinkling of snow underfoot.  It was a fantastic romp along the high ridge of Outer Edge until we reached the Cut Gate path coming up from the Derwent Valley.  Sadly it was time to head in the opposite direction and make our way back to Langsett and the cars, stopping for soup and Soreen malt loaf on the way.  I had hoped to spot mountain hare on these high moors but sadly there were none to be seen.  There were, however, plenty of grouse reprimanding us with their 'go back, go back' call and we had smashing views of a short eared owl hunting in one of the side valleys and watched a merlin dashing low as it hunted its prey across the high tops.
Yet again a wonderful day to be out.

All photos taken with a Panasonic LX7

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Langsett Reservoir.
Little Don Valley.
Scots Pines in the Little Don Valley.
Cat Clough with The Rocking Stones in the far distance.
Boundary Stone and Bleaklow.
Along Outer Edge; boundary stone in the foreground.
Signs of winter.
Looking towards Bleaklow.
Looking south towards the Great Ridge of Mam Tor in the far distance.
Looking down to the Derwent Reservoirs.
Outer Edge with Margery Hill in the distance.
The Derwent Valley.
Along the Cut Gate Path with the Elmley Moor Transmitter on the skyline.
Langsett Reservoir.
Red Grouse on the Wall. (oh for my 500mm lens!)

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