Saturday, 16 August 2014

Sparrowhawks in Cleethorpes Cemetery

I was alerted yesterday to the fact that there were sparrowhawks with young in Cleethorpes cemetery so paid a quick visit this morning to see if I could see them.  As soon as I entered the cemetery I could hear the unmistakable screeching of raptors and it wasn't long before I began to get glimpses of the birds as they flew from tree to tree.  I began to think, though, that photography was out of the question when I noticed a dog-walker looking at something a short distance away.  He had seen one of the birds land with a kill.  It was so busy with this that it allowed a quite close approach for photography but it was in n awkward position with a poor background and difficult light.  We photographers are never happy!!!  It was an amazing experience though and I am satisfied with the shots I managed.

To view large, please click on an image.

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