Friday, 27 March 2015

Early Morning Barn Owl Hunt

Having been thwarted on the barn owl front last night I decided to get up early this morning and try again.  At 5.00 am I was out on the road, but still not decided where to go.  In the end I headed for Fulstow on the Lincolnshire coastal marsh.  Although I secured some pleasing pre-sunrise images I still hadn't found a barn owl in the usual location.  On my way back into the Wolds and Wold Newton, however, I spotted one hunting between Fulstow and North Thorseby.  It didn't seem particularly bothered by the car and continued to search for prey but behind a grass bank.  Thinking I was going to be thwarted, I was delighted when it perched momentarily on  post allowing a few quick shots.

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Sunrise, Louth canal.
Sunrise, Louth canal.
Derelict Farmhouse
Barn Owl

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