Monday, 2 November 2015

Dog Walking in Twigmoor Woods

Following a visit to the opening of an exhibition at The Steel Rooms gallery in Brigg, we continued towards Scunthorpe to take Jet for a walk around Twigmoor Woods.  Yet again it was a quiet, still day with excellent reflections in the lake.  Despite it being a superb Autumn this year there are very few signs of fungi, either here or in any other of the wooded areas we have visited lately.  On our way home in the gathering dusk we disturbed a barn owl that I though was going to fly into the car.  I would have been devastated had it done; these birds are precious and an iconic part of the Lincolnshire landscape.

Over the last few afternoons and evenings it has been fascinating to watch the large skeins of geese that fly over the house, noisily keeping in touch with each other with their constant honking calls.

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