Friday, 6 November 2015

Seville, November 2015

Champing at the bit to be out, I left the support team pottering in the flat and went to explore the narrow, winding streets around Beth's flat, investigated the market and did some shopping.  Once I got back, Beth took us for coffee in Alameda.  We then wandered into town for a lunch of adobo  (fried fish) at a locals' bar near Las Setas.  Some more wandering was followed by some tapas and then I took myself off to Santa Cruz for some photography, while the ladies got down to some more serious shopping.  Eventually we met up in a bar near Las Setas before going back to the flat for a snooze.  For our evening meal Beth took us to a very pleasant tapas bar in Alameda, a vibrant area of Seville near the flat, the superb weather still being warm enough to sit outside in shirt sleeves.

Another excellent day.

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