Thursday, 7 January 2016

Setting up the Winter Feeding Stations.

As I failed to get myself organised during November and December, I am only now setting up my winter feeding station.  The first port of call was Lindsey Tree Services woodyard on the outskirts of Grimsby where I have had a hide (our old, converted garden shed) set up for several years now.  Having got the regular set up organised, I then set of for Scallows Hall in the Lincolnshire Wolds, where I first began my bird photography more years ago than I care to remember.  I had not been for a good long time until I began to visit again last year.  I am keen to have a feeding station here as there are nuthatches and coal tits which we do not get on the yard and a greater chance of woodpeckers.  Who knows what else may turn up; buzzards bred here last year and sparrowhawks are now regular here.  The feeders were soon set up close to my original site all those years ago and I am waiting for a bombproof hide to be made so I can get started.  The final set up was at nearby Ravendale Primary School, where I used to be the head.  The highlight here will be the RSPB School Birdwatch at the beginning of February.  A week later there is plenty of activity at all of the sites. The children at school are enjoying watching a whole range of species.  At the yard the seed feeder is going down rapidly and the fat I put out has been decimated, suggesting that a woodpecker is visiting.  At Scallows there is a constant procession of blue great and coal tits and at least one nuthatch is visiting very regularly.  A wren has been around so all is looking hopeful.  Now for some decent light for a change to get some pictures taken.

At the yard hazel catkins are in their prime and snowdrops are poking through.  At Scallows snowdrops are beginning to come into flower, although, as yet, there is no sign of the aconites.

Woodyard feeding station and hide
Scallows feeders
Pole Lathe in the woods
Out buildings at Scallows
Out buildings at Scallows
Out buildings at Scallows
Out buildings at Scallow

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