Thursday, 6 September 2018

Lake District September 2018, Day 1.

Despite not starting our packing until this morning we had a pain-free journey up to the Lakes and arrived in warm sunny weather.  We soon had the caravan set up and were sitting out in the sun enjoying a cup of tea.  Before our evening meal we walked out in beautiful 'golden hour' light the short distance over the field to our favourite oak tree.  The views were splendid and it was good to be back.  Having just read James Rebank's A Shepherd's Life I was interested to note that the herdwick sheep that are usually in these fields were absent.  Perhaps they are still up on the fells.
Later, just before going to bed we took pleasure in the night sky.  It was a crystal clear evening and all clouds had dissolved.  The stars spangled the sky like jewels and seemed close enough to touch.  The plough stood out strongly and Mars glowed red low in the sky.  The Milky Way was clear and arched mostly above us.
A great start to our holiday and we look forward to watching The Tour of Britain cycle race tomorrow.
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