Friday, 14 September 2018

Lake District, September 2018. Day 8.

A Day at home today at home today.  A good decision as the people across from us had been up on the Kentmere Fells and had driving rain and gales and said it was sodden underfoot and feezing cold.  We had a relaxed chilled it morning and in the afternoon went for a walk from the caravan.  We were more fortunate on the weather front; some rain but mainly dry although thick cloud.  We found plenty of fungi, especially in Ratherhearh woods and late swallows and house martins were  swooping low over the fields.  Once back at the van it was soon that time and then we heated up the remains of our beef in beer and sausage casserole in one pan and enjoyed with boiled potatoes and kale.  Must ease up on the kale - it's bad for my INR!!
Last day sadly and home tomorrow!

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