Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Lake District, September 2018. Day 5.

A domestic day today.  Fortunately it dawned dry if not bright and so we spent the morning cleaning the outside of the caravan.  We had brought collapsible ladders so I could get at the roof which gets covered  in green algae.  It cleans off easily though.  All that work entailed a coffee and sit down before a bite of lunch and later we walked across the fields to Stavely for some shopping and tea and cake in Wilf's excellent wholefood cafe.  I have come to love Wilf's over the years as the do a lot of outside event catering and at the end of a day mountain bike orienteering or a two day mountain marathon their vegetarian chilli is to die for.  As we wandered back it began to rain and it was torrential all night.  The rivers will definitely be in spate now.

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