Thursday, 17 January 2019

The First Snowdrops at Scallows

Having completed all of my jobs this morning and it being a crisp, bright winter day I decided it was time to pop out to top up the feeders and see how the snowdrops were doing in the wood.  As usual the feeders nut feeders had been emptied, I suspect by squirrels.  Still, not to be defeated, I have introduced some new ones with a smaller outer mesh in an attempt to keep them out.  A quick search to try and find the tawny owls I keep hearing call was to no avail.  I would be exciting to try to photograph them so perhaps this year I will introduce a tawny nest box.

The snowdrops are just beginning to come into flower now.  There were no signs of aconites yet, although I did see some on the verge side in the village.  It was bitterly cold up in the Wolds too.  Only 2C and now that I am home it has clouded over and threatening snow, although not much I am sorry to say.

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