Friday, 25 January 2019

Wandering from Barnoldby to Brigsley

Parking up at again at The Ship in Barnoldby, the decision was made to don wellies as the ground is getting stickier.  As we set off in the opposite direction from last week we noticed that already the daffodils in the village are already begining to open.  These are always early and I used to enjoy them when still at work and making home visits to parents of new children.  I was rather a dreer gloomy start to the walk and the brisk wind made it feeler cool, despite a temperature of 12C.  As we passed through the woodland it was interesting to note that old oak woodland had, at some time, been inter-planted with serried rows of poplar trees.  I understand that these were at one time destined for the match industry, although I am not sure whether that is still the case.  Soon we came out into open fields with rape crops just begining to grow and enjoyed views across to Barton Street and the scarp slope of the Wolds.
After a short circuit of Brigsley past the church we headed back the same way with skies gradually brightening.  Once back it was time for a welcome lunch in The Ship.
Replete, Heather and I then drove on to Scallows to top up the feeders at the feeding station.  Changing the feeders to smaller mesh squirrel proof ones seems for the moment to be keeping them at bay.  There was a flurry of activity as we arrived and whilst walking through the front meadow we enjoyed listening to the mewing of the local buzzard.  The tawny owl was calling as we were walking down to the west end of the wood.  I have it in mind to put up a tawny nest box ready for next year's breeding season which begins in the autumn with courtship and territory establishment with eggs being laid any time now.

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