Wednesday, 23 January 2019

The Wild placs of Lincolnshire and a Mini-wilderness.

I have recently watched an excellent Natural World Broadcast narrated by, and based on 'The Wild Places' by nature writer Robert Macfarlane.  The programme was called The Wild Places of Essex.  It was very interesting and I couldn't help but think what a suitable photographic project it would make up here: The Wild Places of Lincolnshire.  My dissertation for my recently completed photography degree was entitled: Wilderness and Its Representation in Contemporary United Kingdom with Particular Reference to Lincolnshire.  My major Body of Walk centred on walking in Lincolnshire woodlands and was related both to my dissertation and Macfarlane's Wild Places to which I made reference in both.  I am minded to compile a body of work with the title, The Wild Places of Lincolnshire.  I am also currently interested in the idea of Mindful Photography: using photography as a vehicle for being 'in the moment'; a human being rather than a human doing.  Consequently whilst walking down to the village to post a letter I was struck by the micro-wilderness on the top of an old, slightly crumbling brick wall.  Rather than being smooth, clean and pristine it was a miniature forest; not of trees but moss.  I was reminded of a quote made by Robert Macfarlane in his programme when talking about fellow nature writer, Roger Deakin: he explored the undiscovered country of the nearby.  This perfectly describes my observations of the brick wall and my explorations of The Horsefield and also our Lincolnshire coastline where the extensive areas of salt marsh must count as one of Lincolnshire's truly wild places.

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