Wednesday, 11 December 2019

A Second Visit to Donna Nook to Photograph the Seals.

I am now the proud possessor of all Fuji equipment having part exchanged my canon gear through Wex who provided a fantastic service.  I was therefore keen to get out and play so decided to go back for another go at the seals.  It was perfect conditions: bright with a mix of sun and overcast.  I had hoped for some fighting for dominance among the bulls, but all was relatively calm.  I was interested to spot the young herring gull feasting on the carcass of a pup that didn't make it and a little egret and several pied wagtails cooperated on the photography front.  The pied wagtails all had a creamy white rather than a clean white chin and cheeks; I have read that some do but I have not consciously noted this before.  There was one completely black pup present and it would seem that 1 in 400 turn black after their first moult.
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