Monday, 20 January 2020

Feeding Station Photography

The weather was superb on Saturday so after a relaxed start, I headed out to the feeding station for a good long spell in the hide.  As usual there was a great deal of activity.  The jay actually landed by the feeders but so briefly that I barely saw it.  It is extremely wary despite the fact that I have covered the camera access on the hide with scrim to try to hide my face and movement.  A woodpecker made a couple of visits and I did notice that it was much less wary than usual.  It was only when processing the images that I realised that it was a female with no red patch on the back of the head, rather than the usual male.  Obviously this different bird is more confiding.  So far this winter nuthatch visits have been few and far between but today at least three birds were visiting regularly.  I put some apples out and was delighted when a pair of blackbirds came and fed on them.  As usual I had a couple of visits from the tree creeper but today it landed on the sun rather than the shady side of the tree which made for much better images.
An excellent session.

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