Thursday, 9 January 2020

Second Session at the Feeding Station.

On the 9th of the month I popped out to Scallows to top up the feeders and, as the weather was bright and breezy, I decided to have an hour in the hide.  There were all of the tit species buzzing backwards and forwards all the time with occasional visits by a robing, pheasants and nuthatches.  The male woodpecker came down almost straight away and a tree creeper was around most of the time searching for food in the crevices of bark.  The highlight of the morning, though, was the visit from a jay.  I was delighted with this.  I have heard them screeching in the wood, but never seen one at the feeding station.  For a large bird, though it was incredibly wary and I only managed a couple of poor shots; the one here is from a few years ago. 

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