Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Beach Wandering.

Wanting to blow away some Christmas cobwebs we decided to take Thomas down to Mablethorpe to show him his first Time and Tide Bell.  We were lucky with the weather as the sky cleared to give pleasant conditions for our walk but later the clouds rolled in once more and the afternoon finished dreer and gloomy.  The marsh and beach were significantly wetter than our last visit and wellies would not have gone amiss.  We soon reached the bell and Thomas was suitably impressed.  I was surprised to see that the supporting scaffolding poles on which the bell stands and now plainly visible.  Tides and currents have scoured away the sand at its base.  I shall be interested to see if it is covered once more on our next visit.

 Having just completed Susan Cooper's series of books and  currently rereading Rober MacFarlane's The Old Ways, I am revisiting my ideas on Landscape and Memory.  In Cooper's books character's walk along paths and 'Old Ways' fading as they pass out of time.  MacFarlane writes in his book that stretches of path can carry memories of a person, just as a person might of a path.  I have created the image below to represent that idea.
We had enjoyed a very pleasant walk.  All that remained was to head into Mablethorpe for an excellent meal of fish and chips at Salty's.

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