Saturday, 17 April 2021

Lake District Day 1

Coming to the end of the M61 and merging with the M6 we suddenly ran into a traffic queue and we then crawled to the M55 where there had been a 5 car pile up.  Up until this juncture the journey had gone well.  We eventually arrived at the sire at Ashes Lane at 3.00 pm.  On opening the  caravan it smelled beautifull warm and 'caravanny'.  We did appear, though to have had a plague of mould over the long, cold, wet winter while the van had been shut up.  Girding our loins we then set too.  Heather cleaning the van and me doing the setting up.  Not part of our plans.  Still a couple of hours later we were able relax and walk up to  'the tree' before declaring beer o'clock and preparing the bean casserole.  Due to covid restrictions we were also going to be dipping our toes into fully using the 'on-board facilities', an interesting experience!   It was soon time to climb into bed, pleased to be back at the van and Ashes Lane. 

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