Sunday, 16 May 2021

Spring at Scallows

 I had to drive out to Wold Newton yesterday to pay for my beer supplies so a quick trip to Scallows for a cup of tea, chat and wander around the wood was in order.  The wood is looking splendid at the moment, especially the beeches, the leaves of which are just opening and are as soft and delicate as bright green tissue paper.  Bluebells are in flower and the wild garlic is just coming into flower.  Out of the wood on the roadside field bank cowslips are looking magnificent.  Annoying someone has been photographed digging up bags of them.  It has taken 13 years to get these plants established.  What do people think gives them the right to enter private land and dig them up.

Another social visit in the village and then it was time for home and then lunch.

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