Saturday, 12 June 2021

A Mass of Birdsfoot Trefoil on the Horsefield

 Another Clear Sunny day, although at 20C and a fresh breeze, slightly cooler. Dog Rose and field bindweed are now in flower as well as goat's beard.  I found a clump of Japanese knotweed in the middle hedge; good job it's not in the garden.  On the plant front, though, the highlight is the mass of bird's-foot trefoil growing in large patches where the horses have grazed last year.  This, of course, begs the question where are all the common blues as this is the larval food plant.

  • Small white 15
  • Small Tortoiseshell 3
  • Small Heath 6
  • Mother shipton's 1
  • Common blue 1
  • Painted lady 1
  • Red Admiral 1
  • Common blue damselfly.
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Bird's-foot trefoil
Dog Rose
Red Admiral
Red Admiral
Common Blue Damselfly
Small Heath
Small Heath
Small White

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