Sunday, 13 June 2021

A Trip Out to Scallows

 The little owl sat on the gate post as I drove along the lane to Scallows.  Turning round in a gateway a couple of hundred yards firther on and preparing the camera, I drove slowly back, wondering if I dare block the road.  In the event the owl was having none of of it and headed for the horizon.  I was keen to get out to scallows to check the front meadow for butterflies as John had cleared the sheep out and it was growing up nicely.  It was a pleasure to be back again.  Inside the wood it was cathedral like but lit with a green light.  As I parked up I spotted a pair of speckled woods dancing in a patch of sunlight and managed to secure a photograph.  The wild garlic which had been so luxurient a few weeks ago has now died back completely.  The meadow is looking really good and I saw 4 male and 2 female common blues which is the best I have done for a while.  Apart from the speckled woods, a single small heath and a small white there was nothing else on the wing.  I did find 11 mother Shipton's moths though.

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Femael common blue
Male common blue
Male common blue
Mother Shipton's
Speckled Wood

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