Sunday, 27 June 2021

Llanfendigaid Day 1. Disaster on the Journey.

There was suddenly a sickening crunch and a lurch: another car had run into the back of our car at the roundabout at Mottram while waited to get on to the M67!  The journey thus far had gone well.  Fortunately the car was still driveable and we were soon at my brother's in Lymm.  Lunch and negotiations with the insurance company later we were on our way again and soon enjoying the beautiful scenery as we drove through Wales  to Llanfendigaid.  We have been coming to Llanfendigaid, a property on the Welsh Coast near Tywyn and Aberdovey, on an off for 30 years.  Nowadays we wrinklies stay in the converted cowshed across the  road from the big house.  It was a delight to arrive and we were soon relaxing with our friends.

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