Monday, 18 November 2013

Whitby; Day 2

Up bright and early this morning for a 'belly-busting' YHA breakfast.  Excellent!!!  Not much else needed until the evening meal.  Sadly the weather was not on our side first thing; in fact it was pouring with rain.  That being so we chose to drive out onto the moors to the Moors Centre at Danby.  Here there is excellent information on the life of the moors, both wildlife and human.  There is also an excellent art gallery with very good work on display and for sale. After a cup of tea in the tea shop the rain began to clear and we headed for Robin Hood's Bay.  Unfortunately the tide was right up, which prevented us getting far on the beach.  The plan had been to walk along the beach from Boggle Hole to the alum works by Ravenscar to look for signs of ancient industrial activity.  We only managed to get to Stoupe Beck Sands and then had to wander back along the cliff top.  Another time.  As we left Boggle, the sky began to clear and, cresting the hill to the main road, we were totally dazzled by the setting sun which made driving difficult in the extreme.  Once back up on the Scarborough road we hot footed it back to the abbey for some sunset photographs.  The abbey grounds were closed, though, so we had to make do with poking the cameras over the wall!!

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