Saturday, 15 February 2014

A Walk in The Wolds Through the Valley Wood and Stock Furlong Wood.

Although the weather forecast was for rain and gales and the sky looked very threatening all day we decided on a local walk in the Lincolnshire Wolds near Wold Newton.  This is one of our favourite walks and takes us through the Valley Wood set in a dry valley in the Wolds with the predominant tree being beech.  There was a plentiful display of snow drops and Lords and Ladies or Wild Arum leaves are beginning to show and we found some Dog's Mercury just in flower.  Once out of the wood the walk takes us across fields to skirt Beesby Woods; a carpet of bluebells in a few weeks time.  From here the walk circles round to Stock Furlong high on the Wold edge with stunning views out over the coastal marsh.  As we approached the high the sky on the western horizon cleared to reward us with a magnificent sunset.
My day was topped off nicely with an excellent view of the International Space Station passing over and cutting through Orion.
Snowdrops in the Valley Wood.
Looking towards Beesby Wood.

The Valley Wood

Beesby Wood

Winter Ash Trees.

The Coastal Marsh catches the last of the suns' light.

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