Thursday, 9 April 2020

A Session of the Bike (With Birdwatching of course!)

As it was really good day weather wise and very little wind, I decided to get the bike out for the first time since last November.  I was looking forward to expanding my horizons somewhat.  I only did a 13 mile 'round the block', but it did get me out as far as Barton Street on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds.  I took it very gently as I had my ears and eyes open for birds and wildlife.  Very noticeably it is oils seed rape time which had passed me by so far this year, but the bright splashes of yellow and the heady, perhaps cloying, perfume of the crop were a joy to the senses.  It was good to get out onto the Wold edge and revel in the expansive views over the coastal marsh and the estuary.  Waltham Mill was visible as a dominating presence from most parts of the ride.  Although most of the ride was familiar territory, I returned to Brigsley by a lane that I had never used before.  It was very attractive and crossed Waithe Beck which could easily be a substitute for Tennyson's 'Babbling Brook'.

Robin                                               Peacock
Great Tit                                           Small Tortoiseshell
Blue Tit,                                            Brimstone
Long Tailed Tit,                                 
Coal Tit,                                           Dandelion
Blackbird                                         Daisy
Song Thrush                                   Speedwell
Crow                                                Primrose
Rook                                               Blackthorn
House Sparrow
The Turn to Brigsley after descending from Barton Street though the outskirts of Ashby-cum-Fenby.

Waithe Beck

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