Saturday, 18 April 2020

Never More than a Mile Away From Home.

Although I walked 3.27 miles today I was never more than a mile away from home at Peake's Tunnel.  Despite being a grey, overcast, cold day, while I was out the clouds cleared for a while and the sun appeared, however, there was yet again a cold wind off the sea.  In fact the east coast is the coldest part of the country at the moment.  My daughter, in West Bridgeford, is relaxing in her garden in the hammock while we wear winter jackets.  I think for this reason there were very few butterflies about.  Later on, I still persevered with the moth trap, however, as it was forecast to stay reasonably warm (i.e. 8C rather than below zero); my count the next morning was a measly 2 individuals, although one, a shuttle-shaped dart was a new one for me.

Back to my Horsefield adventures, though, I had taken my birding lens with me and had high hopes of some bird photographs.  Initially I was disappointed but then I noticed when walkers disturbed linnets in the hedges and brambles they flew calling grumpily as is their wont out onto the field.  I found that by careful stalking I was able to get close enough for some photography and was pleased with the result.  In the same way I was able to capture images of the skylarks on the field.

Making my way home, I was delighted when a chiffchaff briefly showed itself well in the trees on the edge of the woodland burial ground.

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Ink Cap
White Dead Nettle



Shuttle-shaped Dart

Shuttle-shaped Dart

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