Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Cemetery Walking.

On Monday morning I enjoyed watching the buzzard soaring over the houses from my study window.  In the afternoon I opted to do a version of my usual walk despite the more overcast conditions.  There was mixed sun and cloud with a cold northerly wind which made it feel quite bleak when the sun went in.

I began my walk by going through the cemetery which is now not open until 12.00 noon. The primroses were still looking good as I followed my usual route around the edge and then around the outside of the woodland burial ground.  I enjoy this section.  Attractive and often productive, especially in the summer when it attracts large numbers of butterflies and dragonflies.  I have also found early chiffchaff and willow warbler here and I have seen evidence of deer and live in hope of seeing/photographing the animals themselves.  Sadly when I reached the gate out into the Horsefield I found it chained and locked and I am certain that this is just down to bloody-mindedness rather than the coronavirus.  Undaunted I continued through the crematorium grounds and along the footpath by the side of the allotments to reach the Horsefield that way.  Here brambles were coming into leaf, a reminder that spring is here, despite the chilly weather.  After exploring the Horsefield I made may way home via Edge Avenue round the corner from home.

Gates to Horsefield sadly locked.

Gates to Horsefield sadly locked

Xanthoria Lichen

Looking a bit bleak on the Horsefield

Amazing what you come across

Bramble leaves beginning to open now.

Bramble leaves beginning to open now.

Bramble leaves beginning to open now.
Routes from home through the cemetery and around the Horsefield.

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